04 Apr

[ENGLISH DAY] Do a Little Thing, a Learn from a Zebra Girl

BKD.NTTPROV.GO.ID - Sunday, 6th June 2014. The class has almost finished. Allison who taught us about Sustainable Enterprise subject was still reviewing final examination. I talked to Wesly, my classmate who seated beside me, that I was going to go home early.

From Padua Theater, Room 40, Medicine School, I walked down to Townsville Hospital. This was my routine track during block mode or short semester at James Cook University. There were two options where I did catching a bus. The first was in front of the Education Central Building, the last one was a bus stop in Townsville Hospital. I chose the last one because the distance between Medicine School and Hospital was shorter than from Padua Theatre to the bus stop which was next to University Hall.

I crossed the road which circles the Uni and then walked on pedestrian behind the hospital. I saw a woman playing gadget under a tree next to the parking area. I also saw a man was talking to someone on his mobile phone. I walked and whistled slowly.

I was exactly next to the Subway, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned back my eyes. A girl wore blues with black and white strips like zebra cross. She was not too tall. She had blonde hairs. He looked beautiful. I called her, “zebra” girl.

Her right arm flanked his handbag. While the left one holds a plastic bag which was full of food and soft drinks. I let a space that enabled her to pass.

Her step was light. In seconds he left me far enough. From the emergency room corner, I saw her sitting at the bus stop. The girl was busy arranging her goods. I suddenly heard a sound like "prakkkk". My eyes immediately pointed to the girl. I saw something broke and fell down from the bench where she seated.

The girl looked around, to all directions. She might be ashamed or wanted to let the broken goods lied on the bus stop floor. I did not exactly know. I stepped up and pretended to duck along with the zebra cross. I stopped at the edge of the sidewalk and then sat on the grass between the sidewalk and park area. I was looking for shade and then found a tree. I seated under the tree that could protect me from the sun.

Sometimes I looked at the girl. She was busy arranging her goods and did not care about the broken goods. I was curious. Would she pick it up and throw it in the trash box? I asked to myself.

City bus hadn't arrived yet. I also hadn't moved position yet. I looked at the girl. I was just still curious about his attitude towards the fallen goods. As far as I know, Australians really care about garbage. Their awareness of throwing garbage in its proper place is highly. That's why the city, Townsville, looks clean and nice. You can imagine, trash boxes are available everywhere including main roads which are far from the settlement.

After arranging her goods, the girl got up from her seat and picked up the broken bottle. She put it in a gray plastic bag. The girl rushed to look for a trash box. She crossed the road that separated the bus stop and the hospital. She put it in the garbage box available in the front garden of the hospital.

The girl had done a little thing. We should not wait to do for big things. Throwing garbage in the right place is a small thing but gives a big impact on the world. Isn’t it? *

(*Goris Babo)

foto: chinadialogueocean.net


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